• Heavy Copper PCB

Name:Heavy Copper PCB
Surface finish:OSP
Finished copper thickness:5OZ
Finished board thickness:2.5mm
Min hole size:0.6mm
Solder mask color:Green
Silkscreen color:N/A

Product Description

Heavy Copper PCB,Power Supply PCB, Rigid PCB,Multi-Layer PCB

The main applications of high current substrates are two major areas, power modules (power modules) and automotive electronics.

Its main terminal product areas, some such as portable electronic products, network products, base station equipment, some other such as automotive, industrial control, power modules.

Cost-effective and competitive price

✔ Very competitively priced

✔ Free electrical test fee for sample

✔ No additional tooling charge for PCB reorders

High-quality Assurance

✔Board certified by ISO, UL, SGS, BV

 100% according to IPC-6012&IPC-A600G

Full process IPQC inspection

100% AOI inspection and electric test

Traceable data of all parts & production items

Comprehensive PCB services

✔14 years rich experience

24 hour quick turn prototype

 24 hour line Tech support

2 hours quick quotes and fast EQ reply

 95% + on time delivery

99%+ customer satisfaction rate

 No minimum order for prototype

Free proofing for volume production

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