• Heavy Copper PCB

Name:Heavy Copper PCB
Surface finish:ENIG
Finished copper thickness:6OZ(210um)
Finished board thickness:3.0mm
Min hole size:0.9mm
Solder mask color:Green
Silkscreen color:N/A

Product Description

High multi-Layer PCB

6 OZ(210um) copper thickness, Heavy Copper PCB,Power Supply PCB,Immersion Gold

When the PCB copper thickness ≥3oz,we call it as heavy copper PCB,the main applications of high current substrates are two major areas, power modules (power modules) and automotive electronics.

Cost-effective and competitive price

No matter how many suppliers you are looking for, you will get the most valuable PCB services from us, and we have the confidence to compare the prices. Benefit from our excellent production cost and quality control, thereby saved costs. 

✔ Very competitively priced

✔ Free electrical test fee for sample

✔ No additional tooling charge for PCB reorders

High-Quality PCB solutions

We take many measures to verify the quality of our processes and PCB. Comprehensive Quality Control Department for comprehensive inspection and testing, including electrical testing, automatic optical inspection (AOI), automatic X-ray inspection (AXI), etc., you can be confident on our quality and performance.
ü Board certified by ISO, UL, SGS, BV
ü 100% according to IPC-6012&IPC-A600G
ü Full process IPQC inspection
ü 100% AOI inspection and electric test
ü Traceable data of all parts & production items

PCB comprehensive service

We provide all turnkey PCB assembly services, including PCB manufacturing, components procurement, PCB assembly. Our one-stop service make you don't have to manage multiple vendors at the same time, thereby increasing your efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As a medium-sized company, we respond to customer needs in a timely manner, and can provide personalized services, large companies cannot do these.
ü 14 years rich experience
ü 24 hour quick turn prototype
ü 24 hour line Tech support
ü 2 hours quick quotes and fast EQ reply
ü 95% + on time delivery
ü 99%+ customer satisfaction rate
ü No minimum order for prototype

ü Free proofing for volume production

Technology Summary

PCB Features Ø  PCB with up to 30 layers Ø  Impedance control 
Ø  Flex PCB up to 6 layers Ø  Via plugging/Laser hole stacking
Ø  Aluminum core Ø  Special material
Ø  Heavy copper(power boards) Ø  Hybrid (RO4350+FR4)  
Ø  Blind and buried Vias Ø  Gold plated
Ø  HDI Ø  Min hole 0.2mm
Ø  RFHigh frequency)  Ø  Max copper thickness 6oz
Surface Treatment HASL/LF HASL
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Gold Finger/Gold plated
Selective Chem Au
Material FR-4
Halogen-free PTFE
Rogers Polyimide
Arlon Hybrid
Isola BT
High TG Ceramic filled

PCB Quick Turn Around and fast PCB production lead time

Pleases tell us the lead-time on the RFQ, and kindly note that the manufacturing starts from the day when all of the engineering questions are closed.Our urgent service as below:

 Layers  Urgent  Standard
 1-2L  24 Hours  3-4 days 
 4L   48  Hours  5-6 days 
 6-8L  72 Hours 7-8 days 
10L 12 days  18 days 
 12-16L 16 days  20 days 
 18-28L 18 days  22 days 

We will deliver the PCB or PCBA by express,by air or by sea, it is all up to our customers. And of course we will offer the way which are most cost-efficient and faster if you are not specify it.

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