• Half PTH PCB

Name:Half PTH PCB
Surface finish:ENIG,immersion Tin,silver, OSP, HASL, LF-HASL
Finished copper thickness:1OZ
finished board thickness:1.6mm
Min hole size:0.25mm
Solder mask color:Green
Silkscreen color:White

Product Description

PCB with edge metallization & edge metallized half hole

Generally there are two methods to make metallized half hole for printed circuit board

1,Using pattern plating(alkaline etching) process,that is milling after pattern plated and plating Tin,utilize the alkaline etching liquid to remove the burrs,because at this time the burrs copper is exposured after milling,there is no tin protect.

2,Using metal hole masking (acid etching)process,that is before milling board,use second drilling to drill the hole wall which cross the profile,this step will avoid the milling cutter dragging the hole copper to appear burrs.

In terms of this kind of board,(half PTH hole/slot or lateral metallized), the process capability and engineering ability of the PCB manufacturers is very important.Some factories can hardly avoid this problem.(burrs in holes).


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Technology Summary

PCB Features Ø  PCB with up to 30 layers Ø  Impedance control 
Ø  Flex PCB up to 6 layers Ø  Via plugging/Laser hole stacking
Ø  Aluminum core Ø  Special material
Ø  Heavy copper(power boards) Ø  Hybrid (RO4350+FR4)  
Ø  Blind and buried Vias Ø  Gold plated
Ø  HDI Ø  Min hole 0.2mm
Ø  RFHigh frequency)  Ø  Max copper thickness 6oz
Surface Treatment HASL/LF HASL
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Gold Finger/Gold plated
Selective Chem Au
Material FR-4
Halogen-free PTFE
Rogers Polyimide
Arlon Hybrid
Isola BT
High TG Ceramic filled
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