What is the Solder Mask on PCB ?

Solder mask is a thin polymer layer that insulates copper traces on a PCB. 

It is a protective layer that insulates the conductive traces and shields them from environmental contaminants such as moisture and dust. 

It typically comes in green color. However, other colors, such as red, blue, and white, are also available.
-->> Solder mask layers protect circuit boards from oxidation, shorts, and environmental damage, ensuring optimum functionality.
-->> Inappropriate solder resist can cause issues like tombstones, solder balls, misalignment of components and compromised soldering quality.
-->> Via tenting is the technique of covering plated holes using mask material.
Designs solder mask to IPC standards are required to comply with the minimum coating thickness defined in the IPC-SM-840E standard.

Source: Sierra Circuits, I-007e Books
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