About Taconic RF-35 high frequency material performance introduction and processing guidelines

The commonly used material types of the TACONIC series are as follows: TLY-5A TLY-5 TLY-3 HT1.5 TLX-0 TLX-9 TLX-8 TLX-7 TLX-6 TLC-27 TLE-95 TLC-30 TPG-30 TLG-30 RF -30 TSM-30 TLC-32 TPG32 TLG-32 TLG-34 TPG35 TLG-35 RF-35 RF-35A RF-35P RF-41 RF-43 RF-45 RF-60A.

Below we will focus on RF-35 material.

Performance of RF-35 material:

(1) low cost;

(2) Excellent peel strength;

(3) Extraordinary low loss factor;

(4) low water absorption rate;

(5) Enhanced surface smoothness.

(6) General Parameters: Dk (Dielectric Constant) : 3.5        Df (Dissipation Factor) : 0.0018

Application of RF-35 material:

(1) power amplifier;

(2) filters and connectors;

(3) Passive components.

RF-35 is an organic-ceramic laminate material in the ORCER of TACONIC products. It is a reinforced microwave material based on woven glass cloth. RF-35 is a combination of TACONIC's ceramic filling technology and glass fiber coated PTFE technology.

RF-35 is the best choice for low cost, high volume commercial microwave and wireless frequency applications.

RF-35 1/2 OZ, 1 OZ or 2 OZ copper foil boards offer excellent peel strength, providing rework at any time.

The glass transition temperature of RF-35 exceeds 600 °F (315 °C).

The ultra-low water absorption and low loss factor of RF-35 minimizes phase shift in the frequency range of use.

The dimensional stability of the RF-35 stems from the use of woven glass cloth in its design and development.

The fire rating of RF-35 was tested in accordance with IPC-TM-650, and the flammability test results were V-0.

The standard size of RF-35 material is 36 inch * 48 inch, and the standard thickness are 10mil (0.254mm), 20mil (0.508mm), 30mil (0.762mm) and 60mil (1.524mm).

In addition, about the RF-35 and RF35P Processing Guidelines please refer to the attached link: http://www.vipcircuit.com/data/download/201810/24/2a54bc977f5892a08d3a4c80165952cf.pdf