What kind of high frequency material is Arlon AD600 ?

In addition to Rogers, another commonly used high frequency material is Arlon.
In order to meet the requirements for miniaturization of circuits in microwave and high-frequency PCB design, Arlon introduced the AD600 high-frequency material, which is made by polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material, filled with ceramic material and strengthen with glass fiber so that it not only has a high dielectric constant but also excellent mechanical properties. Similar Arlon series material models also have AD300, AD320, AD350, AD450 and so on.

Features and advantages of the AD600:
1. The dielectric constant of the AD600 is 6.15, when the operating frequency range does not exceed 25 GHz, the rate of change is less than 0.5%. The high dielectric constant is more conducive to the control of parameters in the microwave circuit. For example, the impedance control can effectively reduce the size of the PCB, so that the microwave circuit can be miniaturized.
2. Ultra-low dielectric loss, dielectric loss factor of AD600 is only 0.003, and the loss factor is relatively stable with frequency, which can ensure that the material has less dispersion and loss. 
3. AD600 material has a ultra-low moisture absorption rate, no more than 0.04%, it can ensures that the material is stable and reliable under high humidity conditions.
4. AD600 with Good thermal conductivity which is 0.46W/mK.

AD600 material has excellent mechanical properties, the thermal expansion coefficient in X direction is 11ppm/ C, and the thermal expansion coefficient in Y direction is 10ppm/ C. Even under extreme temperature conditions, the dimension is not excessively deformed, it can ensure the stability of the PCB. In addition, AD600 also has excellent thermal conductivity, which can effectively help the system to dissipate heat and reduce the thermal design difficulty of the system. Based on the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of the AD600, it can be used in miniaturized circuits, patch antennas, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, aircraft collision avoidance systems, ground radar monitoring systems and so on.