Front End Engineering in printed circuit board fabrication

Front End Engineering in printed circuit board fabrication

1,PAR (Produce ability Analysis Report)

à Receives customers board design data in a "Gerber" electronic format(i.e. board dimensions, hole sizes and count,layer order, special requirements)

à Identification and Registration of layers

à Runs Design Rule Inspection to identify concerns which may impact manufacturability of board

à Sample Manufacturing Restrictions   

Minimum PTH Diameter 0.010”

Minimum CU-CU Spacing 0.004”

Minimum Trace Width 0.004”

Minimum Annular Ring 0.0075”

Minimum Solder Mask Dam 0.003”

à Identify manufacturability enhancements to be made (i.e. tear dropping, plane clipping etc.)

à Forward Gerber data to sub contractor for generation of netlist and electrical test fixture


2,Product Engineering

à Customer specification review

à Determination of stack-up for lamination

à Determination of the PCB manufacturing process(Job Planning)

à Release Job to the floor with corresponding flow sheet

à Controlled impedance calculations

3,CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

à Optimize digital artwork panelization and alignment

à 1-UP edits,in-house customer correction and improvements with respect to PCB manufacturing tolerances.(i.e.tear dropping)

à Addition of date code, UL vendor code

à Uses Gerber files generated at PAR

à Step and Repeat for panelization(per quotation)

à Addition of test coupons to panels


4,Creates the following programs

Artwork plotting

Drilling program

AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection)

Routing program

Scoring program


5,Photo plotting

à The artwork or photo tool is plotted from the panelized Gerber data created in CAM

à Laser Photo plotter-0.00025”resolution

à Silver halide emulsion (silver shot)

à Diazo copies for some processes

à Positive and negative artworks depending on usage

à Artwork is punched with tooling holes with camera-target system

à Visual inspection for detects

à Clean Room conditions(class 10,000)with controlled Temperature(20)and Relative Humidity(50%)

à Artwork must be generated and used in same environment

à Vertical film storage

à Surface area calculations for plating