IPC-6012B-Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid PCB

Do you konw what is the standard about IPC-6012 in PCB industry ? 

It is the qualification and performance specification for rigid PCB.

SCOPE of IPC-6012:

This specification covers qualification and performance of rigid printed boards:

● The printed board may be single-sided, double-sided, with or without plated-through holes. 

● The printed board may be multilayer with plated-through holes and with or withoutburied/blind vias. 

● The printed board may be multilayer containing build up HDI layers conforming to IPC-6016.

● The printed board may contain active embedded passive circuitry with distributive capacitive planes, capacitive or resistive components. 

● The printed board may contain a metal core or external metal heat frame, which may be active or nonactive. 

Supporting documents:

The IPC-A-600 includes pictures, sketch map and photos to to help understand acceptable/non-compliant conditions observed from the outside and inside. It can be used in conjunction with  IPC-6012 to more fully understand its recommendations and requirements.

Please refer to the following informations for more detail about the PCB qualification and performance specification from IPC 6010 series:


● IPC-6013  FLEX PCB

● IPC-6014  PCMCIA  

● IPC-6015  MCM-L  

● IPC-6016  HDI PCB



Download or check the IPC-A-600G document please click here: Download

Download or check the IPC-6012B document please click here: Download

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