Terminal intelligent products are still the strong backing of the PCB industry

Terminal Intelligent products are still the strong backing of the PCB industry                                                                                

According to the NBS figures, the total number of mobile phones produced in China in 2015 is 1.8 billion units. According to analysis, China's mobile phone concentration is still growing. About 87% of the world's mobile phones are produced in China.
The Chinese mobile phone industry has formed a good supply chain and a very sound ecosystem. This will produce the Matthew effect, so that attract the PCB factory, semiconductor plant and other related plants to invest and expand production, will also bring opportunities to the PCB industry.
So while the growth of the electronics industry has slowed in the past, but the mobile terminal is still the strong backing of the PCB industry.
PCB industry's structural opportunity protuberance, the IOT, automatic driving cars, 3D printing and other technical needs continue to expand.

The Internet of things helps push the PCB industry soaring                                                         

With the electronics and semiconductor industry ushered in a new growth space in the global mobile internet and smart home wave. And "Made in China 2025" issued, the Internet of things becomes the next "gold mine" of China PCB manufacturing.
2015 China Internet of Things sales revenue of 600 billion, 2020 will be super trillion, composite growth exceeding 30%, industry space is huge, China PCB manufacturing once again embrace super big mac engine.
According to analysis, wearable electronic products, unmanned vehicles, intelligent health care, machine-controlled production of industrial 4.0 and other fields are the current focus of the China PCB industry on the IOT hot areas.
Take the car as an example, with the intelligent upgrade, each part of the car should convey information to each other and analyze and deal with the information. We need to add a lot of new electronic components to many parts of the car. In the future trend of lightweight automotive, micro and high-performance PCB will become the market just need.
IHS, a leading US consultancy, predicts that by 2020 the global auto electronics market will be close to $300 billion.
In the area of wearable electronic products, In the manufacturing process need to protect the internal components and PCB is not easy to damage or broken. Secondly, in the actual use of wearable electronic products, Folding PCB, extendable PCB and flexible PCB Will shine in the wearable electronics field. In addition, the interoperability of wearable equipment is the key to ensure high-speed transmission speed and ensure the accuracy of the connection, high-frequency signal PCB board will be widely used.
Intelligent health care, machine control production, etc. as an important area of the IOT, bring unlimited opportunities to the China PCB industry.

China's intelligent city construction, PCB industry can also get a piece of the pie

At present, the world is carrying out the construction of Intelligent city, our country will be the first to invest three "6 trillion" construct more than 400 intelligent cities. In addition to the new energy car 1 trillion, there are sensors 1 trillion, integrated circuits more than 1 trillion. PCB industry in the midst of this, can also get a piece of pie.


China PCB manufacturing industry only some of the enterprises are in a difficult place, most businesses are still bathed in hopeful sunshine. So don't panic, don't worry, to hold on, to believe that the next stop, is the "paradise" of PCB manufacturing.
Of course, the new market, new challenges, the road is still thorny.
We see, Japanese manufacturers gradually layout car with flexible board, robot, intelligent medical, 3D printing and other advanced fields. Taiwan enterprises invest high capital to seek the promotion and integration of higher-order process technology, and exerting force on the intelligence manufacture to enhance their competitiveness.