The automotive electronics market is in urgent demand, what is the trend of integrated circuits in 2018?

    Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that it will set up several national industrial innovation centers in the strategic areas of digital economy development such as integrated circuits and advanced computing, promote the integration of existing innovation resources, and create a platform for industrial innovation and large teams of system solutions. Support the development of world-class emerging industrial clusters. The state supports the innovative development of industries such as integrated circuits, which brings market opportunities for the development of the industry.

    In the development of China's integrated circuit industry, the packaging and testing industry has maintained a steady growth momentum. Especially in recent years, China's IC packaging industry has been in line with the national strategic development direction in the context of China's industrial upgrading, with sound policy funding support, and the rapid growth of domestic packaging testing companies. At the same time, foreign semiconductor companies have transferred packaging and testing business to China, and China's integrated circuit packaging and testing industry is full of vitality. According to estimates, China's IC packaging and testing industry sales revenue of about 182.2 billion yuan in 2017, an increase rate of 16.5%.

    In the first three quarters of 2017, the number of IC-related patents disclosed was 628. Compared with the relatively stable development in previous years, China's emphasis on independent research in the IC packaging industry can be seen. After the 2017 China New Energy Automotive Electronics Summit Forum, the “National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Outline” will be further implemented, and China's IC industry packaging industry will enter the development stage of innovation and providing solutions. It can be judged that the research results of China's integrated circuit packaging industry will be further developed in the future.

Automotive electronics market increasingly needs integrated circuit packaging

   Automotive electronics is a key terminal area for integrated circuit packaging applications. China is an emerging automobile market, and the growth of automobile sales has driven the rapid expansion of the scale of the automotive electronics market. In the environment of smart cars and Internet of Things, the growth rate of the automotive electronics market is higher than that of the entire vehicle market. In 2016, the total size of China's automotive electronics market grew by 12.79% to $74.1 billion. According to statistics, the market size of China's automotive electronics industry in 2017 was approximately $83.6 billion.