Leading than Apple and Samsung: Huawei is the first to achieve 15 watts of wireless fast charging

             Leading than Apple and Samsung: Huawei is the first to achieve 15 watts of wireless fast charging

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro is undoubtedly the trump card of Huawei's Mate 20 series new machine. Whether it is shape, basic hardware or photo, new technology bonus, etc., it can be said to be a master.

    The Mate 20 Pro achieves the current top level in terms of charging and battery life, which is regarded as the “pain point characteristic” by the user among the many features. First, the battery capacity is up to 4200 mAh, which is the basis for long battery life. At the same time, in terms of fast charging technology, Mate 20 Pro cable is up to 40W (10V/4A), wireless is up to 15W, and it also supports wireless reverse fast charging.

    For this set of fast charging solutions, Li Xiaolong, the vice president of Huawei's mobile phone product line, made a detailed explanation as below:

    Li Xiaolong introduced that it is not difficult to ignore the volume to develop a high-power charging head and ignore the life to make a high-charge rate battery, but it is difficult to have any short board on all indicators.

    The 40-watt super fast charge realizes skipping the DC/DC voltage conversion circuit in the mobile phone during fast charging. The charger accurately outputs the voltage and current required by the battery according to the instructions issued by the mobile phone, thereby reducing the loss of the internal conversion circuit of the mobile phone. In addition, because the charger has the communication ability with the mobile phone, it can also realize the monitoring of the impedance and heat of the entire charging circuit, ensuring a safer fast charging environment.

    Inside the mobile phone end, a capacitor charging and discharging 1/2 voltage dividing circuit is used, which is a commonly known charge pump step-down circuit, and its voltage conversion efficiency is close to 100%, there is almost no energy loss.

    Huawei said that the Mate 20 Pro battery should be the highest energy density in the industry's fast-charge battery, and the battery cycle life and low-temperature discharge characteristics are also the best in the industry. At the same time, the charger uses a very efficient conversion circuit, and the internal use of glue processing, is also the highest power density of the current mobile phone manufacturers.

    As for the 15 watt wireless fast charge, "many people in the industry are very curious about how Huawei realized it, because other manufacturers can not achieve such high charging power even if they add a cooling fan on the charging disk. (Razer Phone 2 is also nominal 15 "Wireless wireless charging, editor's note)"   Li Xiaolong explained,  "We have cleverly borrowed the charge pump step-down circuit mentioned above. After the rectification and filtering of the charging coil, the battery is directly charged by the charge pump without DC/DC voltage conversion, which reduces the intermediate link and improves the battery's charging efficiency, you can charge the battery with more power."