What is 5G ? What are the advantages of 5G mobile phones?

                                               What is 5G ?  What are the advantages of 5G mobile phones?

    With the fifth generation mobile communication technology (5G) standard is frozen, 5G is gradually becoming commercial. Not long ago, the head of Lenovo mobile phone in China announced on Weibo that the world's first 5G mobile phone came from Lenovo. Then Lenovo's Motorola released MOTO Z3, which supports 5G network through modules. And by 2019, there will be a large number of 5G mobile phones appear on the market, so what are the advantages of 5G mobile phones ?

    Before talking about 5G mobile phones, let's talk about 5G. 5G network is the fifth generation mobile communication network. Its peak theoretical transmission speed can reach several tens of Gb per second, which is hundreds of times faster than the transmission speed of 4G network. High-definition movies can be downloaded in less than 1 second. In addition to high bandwidth, 5G networks have lower latency than 4G networks, and the Ping value of 5G networks can reach only a few milliseconds.

    For mobile phones, the upgrade of 5G is actually the same as the transition from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G. The most obvious user perception is the increase of network speed and the decrease of delay. However, the scope of application of 5G network has changed, it will be for mobile phones but also for the Internet of Things(IOT). That is, the absolute main force of 5G networking in the future may no longer be just mobile phones, but also cars and a variety of IOT devices, and different IOT devices have different network requirements. Therefore, after the official commercial use of 5G networks, there may be two developments, one for mobile phones and the other for the Internet of Things(IOT).

    After knowing the definition of 5G, and then look at 5G mobile phones, what are the advantages of 5G mobile phones? According to the introduction of the 5G network above, the most prominent features are undoubtedly the speed of the network and the delay. The current 4G network speed is already very fast, so is the speed of 5G network so necessary? At present, even if the network speed is fast, but the telecom operators still charge according to the mobile traffic, few people will use the mobile network to download movies. Therefore, for mobile phones, the 5G experienced by users is far less shocking than the 3G/4G era. After all, mobile traffic charge is not cheap enough to download a 2-3G movie at will. Although the 5G network is fast, but for mobile phone users, the network speed is not a pain point, what operators really need to solve is the traffic charges. 

    In addition, the 5G mobile phone will become the backbone of the IOT. It can control IOT devices through mobile phones, such as controlling the solar water heater on the roof with a mobile phone, controlling the air conditioner in the home, etc. The mobile phone is equivalent to the remote control. Although the Internet of Things has been said for several years, it will only be erupted after the 5G network is commercialized, maybe we can say that the 5G network is actually prepared for the Internet of Things, including car network unmanned, telemedicine surgery, etc. are specific application examples of 5G communication technology.