What items need to be checked after we completed a PCB layout design?

                                      What items need to be checked after we completed a PCB layout design?

After the PCB layout design is completed, it will be easy to make mistakes if you do not check it again. Bass on a lot of experience in our company's many years of practice, we will share a PCB CHECKLIST for you.

1. PCB structure:

1) The dimension of the PCB outline, the location and size of the positioning hole.

2) The height of the PCB components.

3) Location and packaging of external interface components.

4) Lead the position and package of the cable.

5) Whether the PCB design meets the limit map requirements.


2. Regular inspection:

1) DRC check.

2) Did you correct the problem that occurred in the previous trial report?

3) In order to facilitate SMT processing, try to leave a blank area of 5MM from the left and right sides or up and down sides of the PCB outline, and try not to design SMT components in the blank area. If the board size is limited, you can add a 5mm breakaway additional to  the left and right sides or up and down sides of the PCB outline.

4) Add a positioning hole with a diameter of 2mm~3.5mm to three corners of the PCB at least.

5) PCBs with SMT design (such as capacitors and resistors, QFP, BGA, etc.) need to be designed with fiducial mark.

6) Place the company logo, model, version, date on the  silk screen layer, of course, it is also possible to place these markings on the solder mask layer or the circuit layer.

7) Circuits cannot be designed where wiring is prohibited in structural limit maps.

8) There should be added with a silkscreen logo for each socket, the cable interface and each components.


3. DFM, EMC, electrical performance:

1) Whether the PCB design meets the PCB factory process capability?

2) The engineering questions of previous version raised by the PCB manufacturer, whether can be optimize in the new version?

3) Whether the location of the plug device ground is designed as a thermal pad?

4) Does the package of the components correct?

5) Are teardrops added to the PAD?

6) Does the first component pin of the chip was marked?

7) Does the silkscreen marking of the component was placed on the right location?

8) Does the polarity of the diode was marked?

9) Does the triode, mos tube, schematic correspond to PCB package?

10) The SMT components which near to the V-cut should be parallel to the V-cut direction.

11) No wiring within 3mm around the screw stud.

12) Does the plug-in capacitor direction correct?

13) Is there a solder mask bridge between the chip pins?

14) SMT components must be away from V-cut 2mm at least.

15) Does the residual copper has been removed?

16) Are there a thermal pad and some thermal vias under the chip, and add solder mask opening on the reverse side to help dissipate heat?

17) Have you cut off the ground copper on all layers below the large inductor?

18) Did you compare the final PCB to the SCH netlist?