What informations are necessary for the PCB fabrication---Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.,Ltd

When you want to make a PCB, what informations are necessary to provide to the PCB manufacturer ?

Shenzhen Vip Circuit suggest that the PCB specification should be including the informations as following:

1. Material of PCB: 

First of all please tell us what kind of material is used for the PCB, such as FR4,PTFE,ROGERS,Aluminum and so on.The most commonly used is FR4,its main material is glass fiber epoxy resin.

2. Layers of the PCB: 

Please tell us the number of PCB layers,such as 1L,2L,4L ....

3. Copper thickness:

Please tell us the copper thickness of the all layers,such as 1OZ,2OZ,3OZ....

4. Solder mask color:

There are several colors can be choosed for the PCB,such as green,black,red,blue,white and so on.The most commonly used is green.

5. Silkscreen color:

The most commonly used of the silkscreen color are white and black.

6. Processing method of via:

General speaking,there are four ways for the via processing method:

1) via opening,

2) via cover,

3) via pluged,


you can choose anyone of them according to your design requirement.

7. Surface treatment:

There are several surface treatment can be choosed for the PCB,such as Immersion gold(ENIG),OSP,HASL,HASL(lead free),Gold Finger,Immersion Silver(Ag) and Immersion Tin(Sn),you can choose a suitable surface treatment way according to your PCB requirement.

8. Thickness of the PCB:

General speaking,the PCB thickness will be between 0.8mm-2.4mm,the most commonly used is 1.6mm.

9. Gerber file

The gerber file is necessary for the PCB fabrication

10. Quantity of the PCB: 

Please tell us the quantity of the PCB prototype or PCB mass production.