The features and use of aluminum base board-Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.,Ltd

Features of aluminum base board
1. Using surface mount technology (SMT);
2. In the circuit design,  can take extremely effective treatment to the thermal diffusion.
3. Reduce the product operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability, extend product life;
4. Reduce product volume, reduce hardware and assembly costs;
5. Replace the fragile ceramic board, get better mechanical durability.

Use of aluminum base board

1. Audio equipment: input and output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and so on.
2. Power supply: switch regulator ,DC / AC converter,SW regulator and so on.
3. Communication electronic equipment: high-frequency amplifier,filter electrical circuit.
4. Office automation equipment: motor drives and so on.
5. Automotive: electronic regulator,ignition,power controller and so on.
6. Computer: CPU board,floppy disk drive,ower supply device.
7. Power module: converter’solid relay’rectifier bridge and so on
8. Lighting: With the promotion of energy-saving lamps,  the use of aluminum boards in the LED lights  also began large-scale.