VipCircuit offer all kinds of PCBs to meet the various needs of our customers

When it mentions printed circuit boards, you want a PCB supplier that can fulfill your particular demands with top quality product by every single time. At Vip Circuit, we offer all kinds of PCBs to meet the various needs of our customers,certainly base on strongly competitive price.
Here is an introduction to some main kinds of PCB we supply.
Single Sided PCBs
Single sided PCB are used for simple, low-density products. They contain one layer of base material which is covered on one side with one layer of copper. Then, solder mask layer is applied to the copper layer and the upper may add a silkscreen coating. Low in cost, single sided PCBs are not usually used in more and more high-end market demand nowadays,due to usage limitations.
Double Sided PCBs
Printed circuit boards that are double-sided are far more common than single-sided ones. Conductive pattern and traces can be connected through vias between a top and bottom layer. this marks there are greater flexibility in design with higher densities. Double-sided PCBs are low cost but not suit for complicated circuits or the environment needs to avoid electromagnetic interference.
Multilayer PCBs
Used for a wide range of products from hand-held computers and medical devices, the expanded multilayer PCB technology allows for greater complexity in a variety of space-saving designs.
Multilayer printed circuit boards not only make the design of each layer more flexible, they are also designed for a variety of rigidity and density.
Rigid Printed Circuit Boards
Rigid PCB is used in a stiff matrix product, flexibility is not required, such as computer motherboards. Whether you need a simple, single-sided rigid circuit board or multilayer rigid PCB or even 40 layers, you can find high quality and impressive fast turnaround time from the PCB solution.
Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
Flexible boards configuration can be complex, multi-layer arrangement tracking density and higher signal.
PCB solutions can achieve flexible PCB orders, single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer format or any size items, large or small.
Rigid-flex Circuit boards
Combined with technical rigidity and flexible printed circuit board PCB Solutions "Rigid-flex PCB can produce accurate specifications for customers with solid engineering support and top production capacity.
Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards
Aluminum Printed circuit board is suitable for high-power led and other applications, aluminum PCB has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and solid processing performance. The thin circuit is applied to the thick aluminum heat conduction medium, which supports the heavy load of the high power component by the aluminum PCB.
Aluminum PCB has a smaller footprint in hardware and assembly costs.
PCB solution is the key no matter what type of PCB, PCB solutions have advanced production capacity to meet all your IPC standards and the most detailed specifications.
At Vip Circuit,no matter what kinds of boards,absolutely no problem for your any requirements,because we have strong technical team and advanced manufacturing capabilities benefit from our many years of industry accumulation.