The main application fields of Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPCB)

FPCB, also known as flexible circuit board, its base material is polyimide or polyester film. It is a flexible printed circuit board and has many advantages. At present, its application is very extensive, mainly used in the following areas:

1 Mobile Phone

The characteristics of light weight and thin thickness of the FPCB make it possible to save the product volume effectively, so that the battery, the microphone and the keys can be easily connected, and the internal circuits are closely connected. Therefore, the increasing thinness of mobile phones is closely related to FPCB.

2 Computer and LCD screen

FPC boards are often used in computer and LCD screens. One-line configuration converts digital signals into screens and presents them through the screen. With technological innovations, high-quality FPC boards are thinner and can be converted more quickly and flexibly.

3 CD Walkman

The small size and large memory of the CD Walkman has been sought by more and more young people. But of those who use the Walkman, few people know that it is so lightweight and portable are all thanks to the high-quality FPC board. Three-dimensional assembly in a limited space can turn a large number of CDs into good companions that can be carried around.

4 Disk Drive

The ultra-thin thickness of the FPCB also determines its suppleness. For disk drives, both hard disks and floppy disks rely heavily on these two features of the FPCB for fast data reads.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, FPCB is also widely used in many fields such as digital cameras, hard disk drive suspension circuits, etc. Its unique advantages are favored by many electronic products, and can be said to be the constituent elements of today's electronic products.