FR-4 Copper Clad Laminate(CCL)material grade

    In addition to making some ROGERS high-frequency PCB, TACONIC microwave PCB, ARLON microwave radio frequency PCB and F4BM microwave RF print circuit board, the most commonly used material in Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co., Ltd. is FR4.
Copper clad laminate for short is CCL. It is a PCB raw material made by wood pulp paper or fiberglass cloth, then immersed in resin and coated with copper foil on one side or both sides, finally, hot pressed.
CCL classification:
a. According to the mechanical rigidity of the copper clad laminate, it is divided into a rigid copper clad laminate and a flexible copper clad laminate;
b. According to the insulating material and structure of the copper clad laminate, it is divided into organic resin type copper clad laminate, metal base clad copper board and ceramic base copper clad board;
c. According to the thickness of the copper clad plate, it is divided into a thick PCB (the thickness ranges from 0.8 to 3.2 mm ), and the thin PCB(the thickness ranges from less than 0.78 mm);
d. According to the reinforcing material of the copper clad laminate, it is divided into glass cloth base copper clad board, paper base clad copper board and composite base copper clad board (CME-1, CME-3).
e. According to the flame retardant grade, it is divided into flame retardant board and non-flame retardant board.
f. According to some properties of CCL, it is divided into high Tg board (Tg≥170°C), high dielectric performance board, high CTI board (CTI≥600V) and environmentally friendly copper clad board (halogen free).
The use of CCL:
CCL is the basic material of the electronics industry. It is mainly used in the manufacture of printed circuit board (PCB). PCB is widely used in household appliances, computers, automobiles, satellites, mobile communications and other electronic products.
Garade of CCL:
1, FR-4 A1 grade CCL: This grade is mainly used in military, communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products. The quality and performance of this series of products is the best, the price is expensive.
2, FR-4 A2 grade CCL: This grade is mainly used for ordinary computers, instrumentation, advanced home appliances and general electronic products. This series of CCL is widely used, and all performance indicators can meet the needs of general industrial electronic products.Most important of all,it have a good price performance ratio.
3, FR-4 A3 grade CCL: This series of CCL is mainly used in the home appliance industry, computer peripheral products and general electronic products (such as toys, calculators, game consoles, etc.). Its characteristic is that under the premise that the performance meets the requirements, the price is very competitive.
4. The multi-layer PCB auxiliary materials are as follows:
1) Prepregs such as 1080, 2116, 3313, 7628, etc.;
2) Copper foil with a thickness of 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 2.0 OZ. . . 6 OZ and so on;
5, high-performance aluminum-based and copper-based copper clad laminates, mainly used in LED lamps or products with high heat dissipation requirements;
6, High Tg value CCL, high CTI (compared to the tracking index) CCL.