What is the search engines bidding ranking?

                                                          What is the search engine's bidding ranking?

The search engine, unless otherwise specified, generally refers to the full-text indexing engine, which is a webpage system that collects millions to billions of web pages on the Internet and indexes the keywords in the webpage to build an index database. it will search in the database when we enter one or several keywords to find information in the search engine. If the search engine finds a website that matches the content requested by the user, it will according to the location, frequency and matching degree of the keywords in the webpage to calculate the relevance and ranking of each page. Then, these webpage links are displayed to the user in order according to the level of relevance. Currently, Google is the world's largest full-text search engine, and Baidu ranks second.

1. Yahoo's Overture

The earliest implement bidding price ranking model is not Google, but Overture, that is the original GoTo.com. GoTo.com was founded by Bill Gross'Idealab in September 1997, the company began a bidding price ranking in June 1998, allowing advertisers to bid on specific keywords and then get different ranking of search results. One year later, Overture joined the US Nasdaq Stock Market and successfully listed. Overture was acquired by Yahoo on October 7, 2003 and became synonymous with Yahoo's bidding model.

2. Google Adwords

Just two years after Overture began offering paid promotion search services, Google launched a paid promotion search service called Google Adwords in 2000. Earlier versions of Google Adwords set a fixed price for keywords. Based on an in-depth analysis of previous Adwords market feedback on February 20, 2002, Google released a new version of its advertising program called Google Adwords Select, now abbreviated as Google Adwords, which uses Overture’s pay-per-click bidding form.

3. Baidu bidding ranking - China's largest search engine

In 2000, Li Yanhong who was graduated from Peking University, patent inventors of hyperlink analysis, former senior engineer of Infoseek (one of the most important search engines in the United States), and his good friend Xu Yong (postdoctoral of Berkeley, California) founded Baidu in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Initially, it provided search engine services for other portals such as Sohu, Sina, and TOM and so on. In August 2001, Baidu released its own beta website---Baidu.com. On October 22, 2001, Baidu search engine was officially released, it is aimed at Chinese Internet users, focusing on Chinese search and began to launch Baidu’s paid promotion search service. On April 20, 2009, Baidu's bidding ranking was officially renamed Baidu Promotion.