What are the classifications of PCB?

                                                                  What are the classifications of PCB?

What are the classifications of PCB? 

There are two main types:

1, According to the type of material, PCB can be divided into flexible PCB, rigid PCB and rigid-flexible PCB;

2, According to the number of layers, PCB can be divided into multi-layer PCB, double-sided PCB and single-side PCB.


1, According to the type of material:

(1) Flexible printed circuit board is made of a flexible material, which has the advantage of being bendable and facilitating assembly of electrical components. FPC has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDAs, digital cameras and other fields or products.

(2) Rigid PCB is made of FR1, CEM1, CEM3, FR4, Aluminum base, and coated with copper foil on one or both sides of the material surface and laminated. 

A rigid PCB is a printed circuit board made of a rigid material that is not easily bent and has a certain degree of toughness. It has the advantage of providing certain support for electronic components.

(3) Rigid-flexible PCB, A rigid-flex PCB consists of one or more rigid areas and flexible areas on a printed circuit board, which are composed of a rigid PCB and a flexible PCB laminated. The rigid-flexible PCB has the advantages of providing both the support of the rigid printed circuit board and the bending characteristics of the flexible print circuit board, which can meet the requirements of three-dimensional assembly.

2, According to the number of layers:

(1) Multi-layer PCB, in order to increase the area that can be wired, the multilayer PCB is generally a double-sided wiring. The multilayer PCB is equivalent to a combination of several double-sided PCBs and PP, and the layers can be interconnected by a through PTH.

(2) Double-sided PCB, which has wiring on both sides. In order to enable the wires on both sides to communicate, it is necessary to use a through PTH as a connection between the top side and the bottom side.

(3) Single-sided PCB, a single-sided PCB has only one side of circuit, components are concentrated on one side, and the circuits are concentrated on the other side. Because single-sided PCBs have many strict restrictions on the design circuit, so they are only suitable for simple circuit designs and products, such as LED lights.

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