The main factors that affect the price of PCB (1)

In the PCB industry, whether the purchaser,PCB manufacturer or customers, PCB prices are the focus of their concern, then what are the main factors that affect the price of PCB, please see below:

1, The PCB price will be affected by the quantity of processing products.

We do business or do wholesale are bought more price is relatively cheaper, so the PCB industry is the same, The more orders the customer purchases, the lower the price, the more quantity will reduce the customization costs.At the same time,the batch production, high utilization of raw materials, so to be able to share the costs so that the PCB in lower price processing.

2, The price of the PCB will be affected by the use of material.

The processing price of the PCB is greatly affected by the material used. The copper foil, ink, base materials will affect the price of the print circuit board during the processing. There are some uncertainties, market changes and the impact of changes in prices, so if some enterprises want to control costs, you can understand the market price of raw materials first.

3, The PCB price will be affected by the processing technology.

PCB production should be carried out the line design firstly, customer demand is different, there is a single-side print circuit board, multilayer print circuit board, different processing technology of each type used in the production, the degree of difficulty is more different, for example, the gold plating process or LF-HASL/HASL process will have a price difference,the HDI PCB is much more expensive than the general PCB.