The main factors that affect the price of PCB(2)

As a PCB manufacturer, the PCB price all the time is the focus of our attention, we must give the right price to our customer in the balance.And these following factors can affect the price of PCB or PCB manufacturing costs:


Used in backplanes or PCB with high speed signals, it can increase the cost of 10%~20%.

2,PCB layers:

The more layers you design, the easier the wiring is, but the price of the PCB increases linearly with the number of layers, and eventually the prices may be double.

3, Surface treatment or surface finished technology:

Immersion gold(ENIG), immersion tin, inmersion silver, gold finger plating,like these surface treatment will increase the cost.Of course, they need to be designed according to the specific product types and requirements.

4,PCB material

High Tg, halogen free, high-frequency and other unconventional PCB material will increase the price of PCB, which means increasing production costs. Some high frequency material can be mixed  laminate with the ordinary material such as RO4350B+FR4, which can reduce the production cost and PCB price.

5, Via in pad which need to be plugging by resin and POFV:

Unless the signal and layout are limited, try not to use this technology.Its process is more complex, and the price is very expensive.

6,Min. line width/space:

Usually the Min. line width/space which is less than 4/4mil, the manufacturers will increase charges.

7, The min. size of the via:

If it is not the device Pitch or the design density limit, try to design the min. via above 0.25mm in will increase PCB production costs if the min. via  size less than 0.25mm.

8, Impedance control:

If there is an impedance design of the PCB, it needs special control and testing during processing,and the more impedance it designs, the more expensive the PCB will be.Normally, it will increase the costs by about 10~20%.