The applications and materials of high frequency PCB

High frequency print circuit board is a high frequency of the special PCB, in general, high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz. Its physical performance, accuracy, technical parameters are very high, commonly used in automotive anti-collision system, satellite systems, radio systems and other fields, and its price is very expensive.

There are many types of base material used in high frequency PCB, but they all have a common characteristic, which is the resin used for base materials,the dielectric constant and dielectric loss are low or even low. The characteristics of the high frequency PCB is to reduce the signal loss during the transmission process. The loss of the signal in the transmission process is mainly affected by the dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor of the base material, the lower the dielectric constant and the more stable the signal. Currently used high-frequency material are Rogers, Getek, Taconic, Arlon and so on.

The characteristics of high-frequency PCB mainly in the following three aspects:

1. With transmission loss is small, the transmission delay time is short, the signal transmission distortion is small; 

2. Has excellent dielectric properties,and this dielectric characteristics can maintain its stability under changes in frequency, humidity and temperature

3. With the characteristics of high-precision control impedance.

Now high frequency electronic equipment is a development trend, especially in the wireless network, the growing development of satellite communications, communication products to high-speed and high-frequency, communication products to a large capacity fast wireless transmission of voice, video and data,the development of a new generation of products need high frequency PCB, satellite systems, mobile phone base stations and other communications products must use high frequency print circuit boards.So the electronic products will be crazy development in the future, high frequency PCB demand is bound to show a rapid upward trend , and it will become the new darling of the future world.