What is the BOM, DIP, SMT, SMD---Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.,Ltd

BOM---Bill of Material

BOM list is to describe the product structure of the data format.BOM of SMT processing contains material name, dosage, placement location number, BOM is the important reference of the placement machine programming and IPQC confirmation.

DIP package---Dual In-line Package

Also known as Dual In-line Packaging technology, refers to the use of Dual In-line Package of integrated circuit chip, the vast majority of small and medium-sized integrated circuits are used in this form of packaging, the pin count is generally not more than 100. DIP package CPU chip has two rows of pins, need to be inserted into the chip socket with DIP structure.

SMT --- Surface Mount Technology

Surface mount technology, which is the surface mount components posted, printed on the PCB surface specified location assembly technology. Specifically, it is first coated with solder paste in the PAD of PCB, and then the surface mount components accurately placed on the PAD which coated with solder paste, by heating the PCB until the solder paste melting, after cooling to achieve interconnection between components and PCB. During the 80 years of the 20th century, SMT production technology is maturing, for surface mount technology components of mass production, the price dropped significantly, a variety of technical performance, low prices have been available for the equipment, SMT assembly of electronic products with small size, Performance, functional, low price advantage, so SMT as a new generation of electronic assembly technology, is widely used in aviation, aerospace, communications, computers, medical electronics, automotive, office automation, household appliances and other fields of electronic products.

SMD---Surface Mounted Devices

Surface mount devices, At the initial stage of production of PCB, the through-hole assembly is done entirely by hand. After the first automated machines are available, they can be placed with some simple pin components, but the complex components still need to be placed manually and then can be carried out wave soldering. Surface mount devices were invented about twenty years ago,and to create a new era.From passive components to active components and integrated circuits, eventually become a surface-mount device (SMD) and can be through the pick and place equipment for assembly. For a long time people think that all the pin components can eventually be SMD package.