The trend of PCB technology development and Innovation--from Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.,Ltd

    Unger the rapid development of electronic technology, PCB manufacturers should only realize  the development trend of PCB technology, based on the positive development of innovative production technology in the highly competitive PCB industry to find a way out. As the world's largest PCB production base, the production and processing capacity will become the key to the development of the electronics industry. PCB manufacturers should always maintain the development of awareness, the following are several views from Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.,Ltd about the PCB production and processing technology development

1, The development of components embedded technology

    Component embedding technology is a huge change in the PCB function integrated circuit, the formation of semiconductor devices in the inner layer of the PCB (called active components), electronic components (called passive components) or passive components "component embedded PCB" has begun production, but to develop the PCB manufacturers must to solve the simulation design methods, production technology and inspection quality firstly,reliability assurance is also a matter of urgency. PCB factory should be in the design, including equipment, testing, simulation, including the system to increase investment in resources to maintain a strong vitality.

2, HDI technology is still the mainstream direction of development

     HDI technology promotes the development of mobile phones, driving information processing and control the basic frequency function of the LSI and CSP chip (package),PCB packaging template substrate development,Therefore, PCB manufacturers should follow the HDI road to innovate PCB production and processing technology. Because HDI embodies is the most advanced technology of contemporary PCB, it brings small conductor and tiny drilling to PCB,mobile phones is an example of HDI multilayer PCB's cutting-edge development technology.Small conductor width / spacing 50μm ~ 75μm / 50μm ~ 75μm has become the mainstream of the PCB in mobile phone.In addition,it will bring the high-density electronic equipment and high performance electronic product in other areas because of the thinner PCB thickness and the conductive graphics miniaturization.

3,The introduction of advanced production equipment and updating the PCB production process

     HDI manufacturing is mature and tends to improve, with the development of PCB technology, the use of nanotechnology to make hole metallization and the formation of PCB conductive graphics at the same time is a new method of manufacturing flex PCB. High reliability, high quality printing methods, inkjet PCB process, laser direct exposure device, homogeneous plating equipment and production components embedded (passive active components) manufacturing and equipment installation.

4, The development of higher performance PCB raw materials

     Whether it is rigid PCB or flex PCB material, with the global lead-free electronic products, the requirements must make these materials more heat-resistant, so variety of good materials such as the high Tg, small thermal expansion coefficient, small dielectric constant and small dielectric loss began to appear.

5, Photoelectric PCB prospects

     Photoelectric PCB is the use of optical layer and circuit layer to transmission signal, this new technology is the key to manufacturing optical layer (optical waveguide layer). It is an organic polymer, the use of lithography, laser ablation, reactive ion etching and other methods to form.The technology in Japan and the United States has been industrialized at present. As a major producer, China's PCB manufacturers should also actively respond, followed by the pace of development of science and technology.