March Opportunity on trade

March Opportunity

Foreign trade export pilot index rose

February China's leading export index for foreign trade was 40.2, up 1.2 from last month. Among them, the Chinese export managers index rose 0.1 to 41.6; new export orders index, the manager confidence index rose 0.2,0.6 to 44.1,47.8, the enterprise comprehensive cost index fell 1.2 to 21.6.

According to previous years, exports in March will be a substantial increase. In accordance with the current export market situation, the global market demand is expected to further expand. There was a detailed interpretation in the article "China's foreign trade great opportunity to come"at last week.

The Agreement on Trade Facilitation takes effect

According to the WTO Secretariat, the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement will reduce global trade costs by an average of 14.3%, bringing the world's one trillion US dollars of export growth

Whether the agreement can produce tangible results is not well known yet, but the number of currently approved members exceeds two-thirds of the 164 members of the WTO, and at least WTO members honor their commitment to the multilateral trading system.

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