A PCB man

After a PCB man died, talk to God for a while.

God asked: "I heard that PCB industry is well, high-tech high start, you are so young, why die?"

PCB people reluctantly said: "My dear God, you know the PCB people have countless ways to death?”

God: "Tell me."

"Raw material prices scared you to death;

Customers’ complaint worry you to death;

Factory coordination difficult you to death;

KPI assessment exhaust you to death;

Work overtime faster stop you to death;

Summary on early Month summon you to death;”


God thinks his word is too much,can not stop nagging, every day will be noisy, will disturb the quiet of heaven, so put him into hell.

Just after a week, Hades came to said sweatily, "God, let him go away!"

God asked, "What’s wrong?"

Hades said: "devils in hell were activated by him, every day write PPT, make report, follow work process, set goal, business analyse, review program validation, decomposite project tasks,draw progress table, assessment, intend to build high reliability of the PCB products to satisfied everyone.

God said furiously: "Let him come here and see how I pack him!"

A month later, Hades met God and asked, "Dear God, how was he?"

God stopped, replied: "You talk to me like this, made three mistakes: First, you should briefly report completion of the last task, and then start today's conversation! Second, the world does not have God at all, only the customer is God! Third, I do not have time to listen you, I have a daily report, a weekly report,a monthly report and a special analysis report did not completed yet.Finally, I warn you, when talk with me, there must be a report data! "

When Hades was stunned, God 's secretary weakly reminded," He has just missed a little,we have to study the special process of this Flex-Rigid board tonight."