Copper foil supply and demand flip

As an important electronic connector,PCB is used almost exclusively on all electronic products and considered as"the mother of electronic system products". But the capacity of upstream copper foil production is squeezed by lithium battery lead tosupply and demand flip, and gradually transmit to the downstream, driving print circuit board industry chain into the price rise cycle.

Copper foil supply and demand flip to open up the price rise cycle

Industrial chain from top to bottom followed by "raw materials - CCL-PCB", the concentration of upper reaches raw materials copper and CCL industry is high, bargaining ability is strong ,although the whole PCB industry is discretebut leading manufacturers whom focus on high-end products have high bargaining power.

China's new energy vehicles lead to lithium copper foil in short supply, price increased fastly.Foil manufacturers attracted by lithium begin to convert production, the standard foil supply tightening result in price rise,lithium copper Foil and standard foil processing fees increases alternately,situation transmit to the middle of industy chain,CCL manufacturers repeatedly raise prices, fiberglass cloth, resin and other raw materials have followed up; downstream PCB manufacturers driven by rising costs to increase price passively.So far the price rise caused by the upstream conduct  to the entire industry chain, PCB prices’ rise cycle comeback.