How can we find a good PCB manufacturer in China?-Vip Circuit

In my opinion, it depends on how many is your order, the quality and price requirements, of course, delivery guarantee.

Want to reach all of your conditions at the same time, it is going to take some effort, because different manufacturers have a different positioning.

First, with many years of PCB manufacturing experience is necessary to ensure efficient and worry-less communication.

Second, meet the quality certification, such as UL, ISO, SGS

Again, advanced equipment, which reflects their PCB manufacturing capabilities


The best way to do this is to ask for doing sample to test the quality and service firstly, and if they can meet your expectations, you can rest assured the next mass production. A good PCB supplier, must ensure service timely, excellent quality, delivery on time, and follow-up communication in the process at any time.

If your board process is simple, don’t have special requirements, there are too many choices, because when most of the PCB manufacturers can do it, the key competition is the price, of course, can’t be too deliberate to pursue cheap, because too cheap means more risk of poor raw material, poor quality.

In short, under the premise of quality assurance, when the board is simple, give priority to the price, when the board is complex, give priority to strength.