You should know more about PCB manufacturer in China

Nowadays, you can find a PCB manufacturer easily, which can be screened all over the Shenzhen City.

But is that really the case?

China occupies 70% of the global PCB manufacturing market, in this huge system, the supplier level is jagged.

There are top well-known enterprises, such as AVA,TTM, SCC, there are also PCB manufacturers dedicated to quick turnaround, rapid sampling.

So how best to match your request?

Now customers are getting more and more complex requirements for PCB, more and more variety, and small quantities, at this time you want to get into a multinational like TTM is unlikely, because their minimum order is 200 million.

And those who rely on low-cost vicious competition is also to be resolutely avoided, because cheap board means cheap factory. They do not have a complete management system, the workers operate not-standard, not according to the request, they cut corners, shoddy execution, and bad service. This is the status quo of most small manufacturers. They want to survive and must adopt this strategy.

In addition, there is a situation that your order is too small, the factory can not give you enough attention.

Of course, if you want to do quick turn-around, Allegro PCB manufacturers are still your best choice, their technical ability is general, just can do 2&4 layers, but the biggest advantage is the low price, this time price is still the most important consideration.

If your boards are varied,or with complex processes, this time not only to compare prices, find a strong, long-term stability of the PCB supplier is your best choice.

Maybe sometimes a PCB factory can not meet all your requirements, and perhaps there will be problems, in case of such a situation, please give enough tolerance, you know that the PCB flow is long and process is multiple, there are many uncontrollable factors, even the first-class enterprises can not guarantee no problem, this time the factory attitude and efficiency of the solution is particularly important, which is also an important indicator for considering PCB suppliers.

Here, I would like to say that sometimes middlemen have their unique advantages. Many small and medium-sized domestic enterprises do not have an export business and are mainly engaged in domestic business. At this time, traders can integrate the factory resources and obtain the domestic sales price, which is general export enterprises can not be compared, then will the quality be discounted ? In fact, do not have to worry about, you can place sample to inspect at first.

I hope my words can help dear customers better choose a PCB supplier.