5G commercial use is coming,flexible circuit board shipments will break out

The Office of the Ministry of Industry recently issued a notice,formally start the third stage work of 5G technology research and development experiment, and strive to achieve the basic goal of the third stage work before the end of 2018, support 5G scale test in China in full swing. This means that China's 5G technology has entered the actual preparatory stage.



At present, all sectors of the industrial chain including government agencies, mobile operators, equipment suppliers and vertical application companies are beginning to take actions to win the initiative of 5G business.

In this regard, the domestic leading flexible circuit board enterprises ShangDa electronics chairman Li Xiaohua said, with commercial 5G approaching, the new market demand will be released and benefits every link for the industrial chain, in view of the development trend of 5G commercial equipment and products, flexible circuit board industry will become one of the biggest beneficiary, it is expected next year, the overall shipments of the flexible circuit board will be explosive growth.

5G is not only a new communicate technology, it is not a simple network speed up, the real meaning is to open the era of the Internet of things, which putting forward new design standards and requirements on the infrastructure and terminal products, especially in the terminal area, suitable for 5G standard products will be a large-scale launch, these products all need support of flexible board"Li Xiaohua said.

He further pointed out that the new 5G commercial products will also break through the mobile phone, computer and smart wearable devices, more artificial intelligence products will enter the public view and become a living standard, and even cars and other non electronic products will become the new 5G commercial products, they will gradually create a huge market, and flexible circuit board is the necessities of these products, from this perspective, the next 2-3 years, the domestic market for flexible circuit board supply demand will usher in the outbreak of a linear growth period.

It is understood that, at present, the domestic parties' enthusiasm and strength in investing in 5G is also very strong, including terminal manufacturers such as OPPO, VIVO, etc., have begun to cooperate with operators, trying to lead the 5G era. And HUAWEI has become the backbone of China's 5G technology standards.

"They are all the core partner of Shang Da. Including the BOE, the latest display technology makes the large-scale commercial use of flexible display possible, it will become an important industrial link under the support of 5G commercial scene,"Li Xiaohua said," it is foreseeable that the commercial 5G will create a super bull market of flexible circuit board industry, even the whole semiconductor industry. The whole industry will benefit from this presenting a new round of rapid growth."