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What is PCB reverse engineering? Simply speaking,it is from the finished product to reverse the finished product production and processing,then rebuild the finished product as the original design.

The first step of PCB reverse engineering is to scan the PCB to record the detail location of all components, its purpose is to provide details components location for assembly in the furture.

The second step of PCB reverse engineering is to disassemble the components from the PCB to make the bill of materials (BOM),so that we will follow the BOM to purchase components.

The third step of PCB reverse engineering is to disassembly the PCB to make the schematics and gerber files, record the informations which need for PCB fabrication at the same time, such as the PCB layers number,the finished board thickness, surface finished,copper thickness and so on. After we finished the PCB fabrication,we will start the PCB assembly (PCBA) .

Finally, we have to do the function test, if the new PCB has the same function as the original PCB, reverse engineering is completed.

Of course there are some customers need to make some changes in the original design, in this case we need to layout the PCB again,then start the PCB fabrication.

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