The characteristics and classification of PCB

The characteristics of PCB are six aspects, such as high density, high reliability, design, production, assembly and maintainability.

In general, the more complex functions of electronic products, the longer the loop distance,the more number of contacts, the more layers PCB requires, such as high-end consumer electronics, information and communication products.The flexible printed circuit(FPC) is mainly used in the needs curved products: such as notebook computers, cameras, car meters.PCB classification according to the number of layers can be divided into single-sided board (SSB), double-sided board (DSB) and multilayer board(MLB);According to the softness, it can be divided into rigid printed circuit board (RPC) and flexible printed circuit board (FPC).In industry research and according to the basic classification of the above PCB products, PCB industry is generally subdivided into six major subdivisions such as single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multilayer boards, flexible boards, HDI (High Density Interconnect) boards and packaging substrates.

PCB upstream industries include PCB substrate raw material suppliers and PCB production equipment suppliers, downstream industries including consumer electronics, computers and peripheral products,automotive industry and mobile phone industry.According to the industrial chain can be divided into raw materials - copper clad Laminate(CCL) - Printed Circuit Board(PCB) - Application of electronic products.The specific analysis is as follows:

Fiberglass Cloth: Fiberglass Cloth is one of the raw materials of CCL, made of glass fiber yarn, accounting for about 40% (thick board) and 25% (thin board) of CCL. Glass fiber yarn by silica sand and other raw materials in the kiln calcined into liquid,pulled into a very fine glass fiber through the tiny alloy nozzle,then the root tangle into hundreds of glass fiber glass fiber yarn.

Copper foil: Copper foil is the raw material that accounts for the largest cost of CCL, accounting for 30% (thick board) and 50% (thin board) cost of CCL. Therefore, the rising price of copper foil is the main reason for the price rise of CCL.

Copper clad laminate(CCL): CCL is a product that is bonded together with epoxy resin,glass fiber cloth and copper foil,it is a direct raw material of PCB.After etching, plating and lamination made of printed circuit boards(PCB).