Introduction of PCB maintenance experience

  Many engineers do not know how to repair the PCB when without the PCB schematic drawings, and in order to protect intellectual property, manufacturers generally do not want to give the PCB schematic drawings to others, this makes a lot of trouble for PCB maintenance engineers . In this case, if engineers can not find a suitable method, it will be quite troublesome to repair the PCB. Based on many years' maintenance experience, Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.Ltd simply sums up the PCB repair steps into the following six steps, hoping that it will be helpful to everyone.

1.The first step is to observe whether there is any obvious damage on the circuit and components in the PCB.

2.The second step is to use a multimeter to detect the positive and negative resistance of the integrated circuit power supply pins, if the positive and negative resistance are very small, only a few or a dozen ohms, indicating that the PCB may have components breakdown or part of the breakdown, we must take measures to find out the components which had been breakdown . The specific approach is to be power supply to the PCB, then touch by hand to each device, the components maybe exist the short circuit question which are serious heat.

3.The third step, according to Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.Ltd many years of experience in PCB maintenance experience proved that if you can use the multimeter to solve the problem, do not make it complicated.

4.The fourth step is to divide the circuit function module of the PCB to find the function module which is easy to fail.

5.The fifth step is to use the circuit online maintenance instrument to detect the suspected functional modules. For the IC that can not be passed, the IC should be separated from the PCB to reconfirm.

6.The sixth step, when the damaged components has been checked, we need to replace them with the same type of components. After the replacement, each function module of PCB need to be tested one by one. If there is no problem, it can be given to the customer.

We will continue to accumulate PCB repair methods and try to use the simplest way to repair the PCB.