Introduction of Aluminum Based print circuit board (PCB)

    What is Aluminum Based PCB ?

    Aluminum Based PCB is a metal-based copper-clad laminate with good heat dissipation print circuit board. Generally speaking, a single-sided Aluminum Based PCB with a three-layer structure,which is a circuit layer (copper foil),an insulation layer and a metal based layer.For high-end products use is also designed as a double-sided Aluminum Based PCB, the structure is the circuit layer,the insulation layer, the aluminum based layer,the insulation layer and the circuit layer.

    The circuit layer,generally using electrolytic copper foil, is etched to form a circuit to achieve device assembly and connection.Compared with traditional FR-4 material,the same copper foil thickness,the same line width,Aluminum Based PCB can carry higher current.

    The insulation layer is the core technology of Aluminum Based PCB,which mainly plays the role of bonding,insulation and heat conduction.Aluminum Based PCB insulation layer is the largest thermal conductivity barrier in the power module structure.The better the thermal conductivity of the insulation layer,the more conducive to the diffusion of heat and reduce the operating temperature of the device,so that to increase the power load of the module,reduce the volume and prolong the life of the product,increase power output and other purposes.

    What kind of metal is used for the metal based PCB depends on the comprehensive consideration of the thermal expansion coefficient,thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, weight and cost of the metal based.Generally,considering the cost and technical performance,the aluminum based is an ideal choice,the selection of aluminum based are 6061,5052,1060 and so on.

    Compared with the FR4 material, the Aluminum Based has better heat conduction and heat dissipation performance. The power device is mounted on the circuit layer,when the device runs,the heat generated by the device will rapidly transmit to the metal based through the insulation layer,then the heat will be transferred from the metal based,so as to achieve the cooling of the device and extend the service life of the product.

    Therefore,most of the PCB used for LED lamps are aluminum based PCB,the reason is that they have good thermal conductivity.The print circuit board use for general electrical products is FR4 material.